It is the mission of New People’s Church of New York to see the GLORY, GRACE, and POWER of God embodied in the lives of all who call this church their home and in our community at large.

In that pursuit, we build upon six key pillars to guide our growth.

  1. Biblical Preaching and Teaching: We believe in the inerrant, unaltered word of God, which is the foundation of all beliefs in our church. We reinforce these teachings through the preaching of the Word and by critically studying the Bible together.
  2. Passionate Worship: We believe freedom in worship leads to an intimate and personal relationship with our God. It is the sustaining power that provides overflowing peace and joy in all circumstances. Passionate worship is the gateway to loving God and loving His people.
  3. Powerful Prayer: We believe the simple yet powerful act of prayer provides a vital and undeniable connection to God – one that leads to healing, renewal, and making the impossible possible.
  4. Transformational Discipleship: We are called to be dedicated Disciples of Jesus Christ. As disciples, our desire is to be guided by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and become more like Him.
  5. Authentic Fellowship: We believe that our faith is developed and strengthened by intentionally living and learning in community and wholeheartedly accepting our brothers and sisters in Christ. As disciples, we are not asked to walk alone but encouraged to share every part of our lives with each other.
  6. Commitment to Outreach: We believe God’s life-changing love is not meant to be kept a secret! It is meant to reach each person, specifically by bringing God’s love outside the four walls of the church through our lives, words, and actions. Our outreach efforts seek to break through the barriers that hinder people from knowing their true Father.


At NPC, we strive to be a place where it is impossible not to grow.